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Your question: "I think an energetic cat may prepare me for the non-fur kids, what do you think? " Absolutely, especially if you have boys!

Thanks for the update, that's good news that he's getting "back to his old self". Yes, I really think he was feeling your wrath and feeling deprived of your affection. For some reason, all my cats and the many kittens I raised, just loved it when I lay down on the floor especially or sat on the floor and dragged a cord, ribbon, or heavy string or some such thing around and over me. There's something about getting down to their level that they loved being able to chase something jumping on me and going round and round, or going through your lap if your sitting on the floor. Try it and see if Gizzy will like that. It really does make them trust you, and I think Gizzy needs to feel more trust to you, as lately I don't think he's too sure.
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