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Puppy doesn't signal to go out - Answered by N. kitching

Hi Ruchi,

First of all, count yourself as being very lucky to have a toilet trained puppy dog. A lot aren't as far along as yours.

Dogs metabolism slows down during the night so they don't have an urge to go.

There are the usual times that they have to go out. Before and after they eat, play, sleep, nap, or any activity involving excitement in the puppy's life.

Generally at 6 months of age a puppy learns to control it's bladder.

Some dogs know where the door is and will show you. Others learn to hold it until you take them outside.

Teaching your puppy to bark can be really time consuming.

Your puppy requires "one on one" contact with you and going outside so what you're presently doing is fine. One day soon, your puppy will be house trained so don't worry.

Keep up the good work!

Nancy Kitching 2002

Nancy Kitching
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Puppy doesn't signal to go out

My 5 month old Westie puppy is toilet trained but he doesn't bark or signal in any way when he needs to go out to wee or poo. I have to take him outside every 2 hours during the day to avoid any accidental mess indoors. However he manages to control his bladder at night for upto 6 hours. Please could you tell me how I can teach him to bark at the backdoor or signal otherwise. I don't think its possible to continue with such frequent trips outside everyday.
I would really appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you,
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