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Gawd I can't believe what I received today. I finally received the second set of emerycat boards that I ordered at the same time as the ones I posted about initially.

I don't think I mentioned why I ordered them. The order showed only 1 board when I went through the ordering process. It did not indicate that I would receive the free second board. When I went through the ordering process I added 3 more extra inserts for the board thinking they wouldn't last and I also added a 5 year guarantee to the first order and when I received that order the boards and plastic frames were solid and held my 25 lb cat without any trouble. I paid $39.95 + shipping ++ for the boards with the guarantee.

I then went back and ordered another set without the 5 year guarantee and without the extra 3 boards for $29.95 + shipping ++ because I thought I was only getting the one board and I wanted 2.

The second set arrived today and the plastic frame is so flimsy it would bend under my 9 lb cat, let alone my 14 lb or 25 lb cats. It is essentially a piece of junk

I am not surprised there are negative comments all over the place about this item, if you don't spend the extra for the guarantee, you get something that wouldn't last a week with a larger cat.

I am looking into sending this second set back to them for a refund. However, I expect they will charge me almost as much to return it as it cost in the first place. I'll post about that when I find out. I know it served me right for falling for their slick advertising

On the other hand, my cats are using the original board at night and their nails are shorter and duller so I guess it has been a partial success because it is doing what I wanted it to do. But this is the board with the guarantee that is sturdy. The original insert is in the board and it seems to be lasting too with the liberal addition of catnip.

Please be wary of this ad, it deserves all the negative reviews it has received unless you pay a lot extra
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