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Originally Posted by catlover2 View Post
Yes it will be like looking after a baby! tho you won't have to burp him! No I wouldn't keep it on all day, just when you can't supervise him, and definitely if he's going into the litter box, whip it off so he doesn't poo in it. Be prepared that it will take him a bit of time to get used to stud pants, as my cats lay down and didn't want to move at first.

Good luck on finding a crate. Do you have Freecycle where you live? It's a great service and someone just might have one kicking around in their garage. You could join and put in a "Wanted" request for one. Good luck!
There will be times when I can't watch him and he will have to use the litter, what then? And I had no idea freecycle existed, just thought it was on here, i'll have to check my area out! Thanks

Ok so last night as a last ditch attempt, I got out the h20/peroxide/vinegar solution and just sprayed all the furniture and anything else he might want to spray. And the arms of our couch/recliners of where the 2 beds are are covered with aluminum foil. So we have space furniture and live in vinegar but I can barely smell it now so hopefully they can and just stop it. I think I will spray it for a week at night and see if it does anything.
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