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Thanks catlover2! You're replies calm me down soo much!

Good point about the playpen, off the list!

Medications would probably be a last resort only cuz giving him pills stresses him out even more, so off the list for now.

Did not expect the answer about the diapers But it looks like it could do the trick! I will just have to deal with bf's laughter.

When I first got him, I had him leash trained a little bit. We live on the top floor of an apartment so I got him used to the leash while taking a tour down the hallways. I might have to try taking him outside, but in carrier first cuz he avoids the elevators like the plague if on leash.

I've read the same as you about the feliway diffusers. I'm iffy on trying them cuz they are soo expensive and IF they work, depending on the cat.

I almost had victory today regarding the crate. I found one at petsmart 30x22x23 on reduced price, persuaded my bf that I'm buying it and bringing it home. He was pretty grumpy about it. So we got home, set it up, and then realized the door doesn't open wide enough for the litter box. So we did some handy maneuvering and got it in, but only half a foot was left for a bed and food. So in the end, bf won, and it's going back to petsmart. And the ones I found on Kijiji are good prices but i have a feeling the litter box won't fit in them either, since I had the one bought today to compare it to.

So that leaves me with the diaper option. Would I keep it on all day and change it after he goes to the litter? Or only put it on when I can't supervise him? This may prepare me for that baby stage ppl are always talking about
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