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Little update:

one end of the incision is still weeping a bit (clear bloody fluid)...I spoke to the vet today about it, and she said it's ok/normal...but I wasn't too worried about it really.

I'm still giving Tremadol three times a day and Metacam once...but we seem to be able to go longer between Tremadol doses before she gets fidgety, so I'm hoping to reduce her to 2x/day tomorrow. Her pain seems to be managed really well.

I have to say I'm really impressed with her recovery so far...she's really full of beans, I have to keep her penned inside mostly, and definitely have to keep her on-leash when outside, otherwise she'd be doing zoomies around the yard I'm pretty sure.

I'll post a photo update later tonight.

On a side note, the lumpectomy incision on her side, which is also pretty big (about 7" long, 10 stitches) seems to be non-existant in her opinion...she's not bothered by it in the slightest and is sleeping on that side as I type this. It's looking lovely and healthy; I'm very pleased.
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