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Diapers or stud pants can work.

I don't think the pet play pen would work with Gizzy, he would only spray the walls and then it would be a constant cleanup to keep up with it. It wouldn't be my choice.

The choice of putting him on some sort of medication is "iffy" IMHO. It might make him tranquilized or calm enough that he doesn't spray, but what would be the long term effects of the medication on him?

Diapers are an option. I had a stud cat once that was a bad sprayer and I made my own stud pants for him to let him have some freedom in the house outside of his cage. I used toilet paper as a "panty liner".
or if you wanted to make your own, here's a pattern.

Another option is to leash train him and take him for a brief walk once a day and let him squirt to his content. I used to do this with 2 of my studs (not at the same time!) they really enjoyed it and got all excited when they saw me coming with the harness and leash, would stand patiently by the door to have it put on and could hardly wait to get outside. These two were satisfied with squirting outside, but didn't do it in the house.

I haven't used those Feliway Diffusers, but from what I've read on other threads, sometimes they work wonders and sometimes have no effect. Here's a link:

Unfortunately, Gizzy just seems to be one of those males that's a sprayer, and what triggers it is hard to say....definitely something related to Forest....jealousy or just asserting himself.....who knows? I wouldn't have a cat put down because of spraying, but unfortunately this is the #1 reason that cats are euthanized. Hope these suggestions can help you cope.
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