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New Kitteh

Nope, not MY new kitteh! This is my newest fur niece.

My cousin/best friend wanted a second cat but was a little unsure because they adopted their boy, Mog, from an SPCA and he grew up to be a bit psychotic (though they love him anway). She was worried about how he would do with a new addition and also wanted to know what kind of cat they were actually getting this time!

I suggested she go through a rescue and get a cat that has spent time in a foster home and where the rescue group will understand the difficulty of introducing cats. She found a great little rescue near her outside of London and fell in love with this little girl.

Meet Tifa and her big brother Mog Within two days Tifa was out of the bathroom and they've gotten along famously!

And I'm a happy auntie because she finally has a cat that I can cuddle without getting clawed and bitten
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