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Originally Posted by Tig's mom View Post
If I remove the http:// it won't work.
I may set up a public file and see if that will work, I am not sure if some of my files can be public and some private? It's not like there is anything top secret in my photobucket, but I thought that peole could browse in my 'documents'? I don't know if that is true, but if so they could look at my other files. I know photo bucket has recently changed some stuff and I don't ahve a 'pro account', just a reg free one. I never thought it would be this complicated, plus I am not good at computer stuff. I apologized to all who have spent so much time with me, I really appreciate your time and help.
I know I just tried it try it the other way..

it's a lot easier.. well at least for me
I took have the free one
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