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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
Bendy, I hope Jaida has a speedy recovery.

Since there is so little info here about an episioplasty/vulvoplasty I think you should post your information in the Pet Encyclopedia forum with a link to this thread.
Hm, maybe not a bad idea. I can post the few links I found too. Alright lemme see what I can come up with.

Ok, new entry here: Episioplasty-canine

And an update for this thread today:

She slept well overall last night, from 11-4 a.m. without a peep. She got another Tramadol at 4:30, and I napped with her until about 6 a.m.; she needed some supervision because she was trying to scoot/lick again.

She had a pee this morning, no problem, and enjoyed a good roll in the snow. She started her antibiotics this morning.

One thing that surprises me is that it doesn't seem to hurt when she wags her tail...I would have thought that would be sore, but her tail hasn't stopped!!!

She is napping now, with her cone on, and is being a good girl.
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