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So I'm reviving this thread because there's very little information and fewer personal accounts available on the web, or on this site, and if someone wanders to looking for information about an episioplasty, at least there will be this (Yes, I document things. It's what I do, I'm a geek and can't help it)

Jaida, our three year old GSD, had an episioplasty today, to treat the dermatitis she's been suffering around her genital area for quite some time. Medications, wipes, creams etc. had not helped to this point so this was really our last option if we wanted to treat it.

As Dr. Lee described in a earlier post, Jaida now has a horseshoe or crescent-shaped incision between her vulva and her anus. I'm guessing the incision is about 7" long in total; it has been closed with sutures. She has been sent home with antibiotics, and two pain medications (Tramadol and Metacam).

The incision bleeds only a little bit, as long as she's leaving it alone. I've been assured that this is normal for such a highly vascularized area of the body. She is, however, wanting to scoot her bum on the floor; this is definitely something I'm going to be preventing her from doing, as it worsens the bleeding considerably. I'm having a bit of an issue with her cone,'s long enough to keep her from licking, but the edge of the cone itself it banging the incision. I'm now considering spending the night here with her on the floor to keep her from damaging the wound...overkill? Maybe, but what's a worried dog-mom to do?

I've also been instructed to apply warm compresses to the area 2-3 times a day. I managed to do this successfully once tonight, although it seemed to be sore for her when I did it.

She has peed once tonight, and it didn't seem to hurt at all, so that's a positive thing.

I may post a picture, or a link to one, later this week so interested parties can get an idea of what we're working with here. There is one video, of the surgery itself, available on YouTube, for those who aren't squeamish.
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