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Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
LP, I can't remember right now what they are called, but I've seen on TV one of these potty things for dogs that look like grass. It's for when they can't go outside. Maybe something like that would be good for the pups.
Originally Posted by aslan View Post
i think this is what AG is talking about i just noticed it as i logged on..
It does look like a good idea but not with 3 puppies who are being de-wormed and are pooping every other hour. I'll spare you the details .

Originally Posted by aslan View Post does dh have to STAY in the play area with the puppies?...I notice somehow you lost your parking space. You know you can still build the puppy room downstairs.
Only when I'm not home...he's supposed to stay in the pen half the day and in the yard with our pack the other half day....when I get in he has to stay in the kitchen until he finishes making supper .

I'm still working on convincing him part of the basement needs to be built for foster puppies...he'll have to be convinced sooner or later because he can't work in his beloved garage as it is now .
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