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Unhappy I just don't know how to use photobucket here, please help me.

I know that there is a' free site link 'to use for posting pics, but my computer isn't
letting me download it.Or, my security settings are not letting me?
I just don't understand how to NOT have to use the attachment link.
I have tried to do it many times ,and just don't undertand it.
I have read many of other people's posts, and all of the 'How to use the forum stuff', it is very kind of them t do this, but I still don't get how to use the post a pic/graphic normally.
I have used Photobucket for years, but only on one forum.(not here), and I just don't
know which 'option' to use on photo bucket to use to post a picture.
Does anyone know how to do this?
Please help me, if anyone knows, I guess I could just not use graphics aside from the ones we have.
anyways, if someone knows and has time, I would appreciate help please, and thanks.
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