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Cool Hi Guys & gals!!

Just came accross this site by luck and was reading some of the postings and I was glad to see there is such a site where people can post comments, ask questions and generally talk about dogs in general.

I have been rescuing dogs for 10 years and will remain amazed at how many people give up their dogs for the stupidest reasons. I think I've heard them all at this point. The big thing right now is dumping the pitbulls. I had placed one a while back, when Ontario passed their law, and she is being returned this week. I honestly believe it has to do with the by-law they are passing (or passed) in St-Leonard. This dog was adopted to a truly 100% italian family and I get the feeling the parents convinced her to dump the dog before she gets too attached. It is so sad, as this dog, Xena, is such a sweetheart. If anyone knows pitbull lovers who want to help this girl, go toSophie's Dog Adoptions.
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