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I have two chinese dwarf hamsters called Rolo and Noodle. They are both sisters but had to be seperated due to dominence situations. They live here with my mums hamster who is a roborovski called Weeble. I used to have a roborovski called Bumble but she ended up dieing 4 days after her first birthday. At that time i was 13 (now 14) and obviously got torn up having to watch Bumble fit so to try to take my mind off of it a little we got Rolo and Noodle. Bumbles sister Mufty Tufty died last july and as she was my mums hanster we went to puck another for her (now weeble) and they now all happily live together (in seperate cages) and occasionally see each other when we put them in the blue box when getting them out. I was wondering if anyone knows what this problem with my Hamster Noodle could be. On her back in the middle of her shoulder blades she has a kind of fatty lump which when you speexe/feel is about the size of a pea. We took her to the vets and they gave us some anti-biotics but said that they thought it was a tumour. The anti-biotics didn't work but after a while the little lump went away so that made us think that it wasnt. Now it has come back and i dont know what it is. It isnt causing any discomfort to her and shes a happy little hamster but im curious. If you have any information i would be grateful. Thanks xx
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