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Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post
... If either of these men were thinking about the animals they wouldn't be in the media today and both would still have their jobs. That being said I don't doubt he didn't love and want to protect them but you look pretty stupid enforcing laws when you yourself do not respect them.

I too admire anyone who helps with animal suffering - you just have to use your brains over your heart and/or self righteous ways otherwise you may just end up hurting them even more.
Agreed but as L4H said most rescuers tend to be very passionate about what they do and can only see the animals in need and don't think of the consequences of their actions.

Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post
...when you represent an organization you can't be rambo - one must act accordingly or everyone loses!
I definitely agree that Tre Smith should have realized that representing himself as an OSPCA investigator after he was suspended, was very wrong. I'm sure he had other options if he had thought about it, like notifying those who were still investigators of any situations he became aware of.

Originally Posted by Golden Girls View Post
It appears it's going to get worse before better, the OSPCA should consider hiring outsiders to further investigate and spend a little more time taking care of what it's suppose to be about - the animals
It would be far better if they hired outsiders to do the investigation, this situation only makes them look bad too. Everyone now knows of the controversy between the two agencies, and the longer the OSPCA investigates the worse they look to the public. It is too bad because the animals are the ones that are losing while they throw stones at each other.
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