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Originally Posted by Melinda View Post
oh I love hermit crabs!!! man I haven't owned any for over 35 yrs, just make sure you give them a good sized assortment of shells to move into, its amazing and a little gross seeing them without a shell on "moving" day. there are so many fruits that they like, oh and make sure at the end of the feeding day you take the left over food out or they'll get sick from it. umm if I remember, coconut is a good treat, brine shrimp, apples, you buy either canned or pellet form food also for them, commercial feed is what I mean but they love snacks, oh and cuddle bones, like you buy for birds, you can buy broken ones really cheap at feed stores, just keep on in the bottom of the terrarium for them, they need the calcium. any fruits really except for acid ones, like citrus...good luck and pics would be great. I had all of gilligans island names for my group*L*
LOL thank you so much Melinda!! I thought they were cute at first, but seem a little creepy when you actually look at them (look like big spiders, and I don't like spiders ) besides one grabed my sweater and wouldn't let go, so now I'm afraid to put them in my hand (don't want to get pinched)

I'll have to get the treats you mentioned, I'm sure they;ll love it

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