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Heres another one of the 'dance off' type thing going on between the sagaat man and the tabla (drum) player. The interaction was great, gave me a good giggle.

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and then these 2 just because. I took these on a Friday while my dad was at Friday prayer. Ive shared similar photos before but I just love the view and there are new members so ill share again

to the right the mosque (also previously pictured as the friendly glowing neighborhood mosque when its lit up at night) where my dad was praying. Considering how many mosques there are in every neighborhood in Cairo, I always find it amazing how there's still people spilling out on the streets during prayer time. You can make out a few people in the photo on the street praying if you look really closely. The cars are also parked for prayer, mostly people walk to the mosques for prayer (since there seriously is one eveyrwhere) but if youre caught in your car when the call to prayer comes you basically just park at the nearest mosque go in and pray and then go about your way. The exodus from the mosques is always interesting to watch too.
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looking to the left from the balcony, the 6th of October bridge
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That's all for now..I have plenty but must go off to class.
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