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Helping me with my school work

So I'm reviewing material for a lab I'm assisting on intro zoology class...stuff I haven't looked at/thought about in, oh, 10 years

Boo and Gracie were kind enough to help.

O.k., so what seems to be the trouble here?

Geez, ur doin it wrong, that's the problem. Here, lemme show you. (stoopid hooman)

See, the water goes IN through the incurrent canal, THROUGH the prosopyle, and into the radial canal...THEN into the spongocoel. DUH. There, it's done. Now feed me.

O.k., so, impressive as that diagram of a hydra polyp might be? It's not getting my noms any faster. So, um, like, maybe you should stop. And feed me. O.k?

Yeah, reaaaaaaaaaal helpful
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