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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Pine sawyer beetles bite? Hmmmm...hazel'll have to be more careful of them in the future.

Nice pics, bendy!! Those dark ones with the big mandibles torment the dogs. They hang off their fur and jowls and drive them nuts
I don't think they'd really HURT, but they might PINCH if they're feeling threatened. If you're nice to them I wouldn't worry much. Oh, and as I said to Macomom, I really think you should put some of those big-mandibled ones in a baggie and send 'em my way!!!

Originally Posted by growler View Post
Nice work with the macro

bugs in the freezer

My roomates used to say that. I had a big container labeled "BUGS" so they knew not to go into it.

So is "bitey bits" the scientific term then?

Originally Posted by Macomom View Post

Do I put them in the baggie when they are alive?
Then what do I do with them?

Bug stuff = Confusing
Yep, pop them in a baggie while alive, then stick them in the freezer, then call me. Or bring it to the dog park

For reals though, it's not worth anybody's time for one or two, but if you find a big haul, I'd drive over for it
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