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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
I've been thinking about this this afternoon and the whole affair seems to be losing's suppose to be about the animals, now, that doesn't appear to be in the equation what with the nitpicking that seems to be going on.

If Mark Beauchamp did tip off the THS about the June raid, would it not just be suffice to fire him and not charge him?

Also, in the CBC News report that I read, it said that "further arrests could be made".
That has been my impression all along. I did not agree with them stopping adoptions, I don't think that benefited the cats/dogs at all.

If the OSPCA spent as much effort and media attention on puppy/kittymills, where, IMO, cats and dogs are treated much worse, then there would be a whole lot less of them.

Just my as an outsider.
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