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A walk up to Mt. Black Prince Cirque and other things

Abby and Keeper took a walk around Mt. Black Prince Cirque in Kananaskis Country, Alberta today . . . . .

Below, stopping to do some sniffing . . . .

Below, this is what Abby saw . . . . the sun at this time of year isn't high enough, I think, to come into this place. Followers of Abby and Keeper's adventures might remember a trip here in August where the snows of winter were still hanging on.

Below, on the descent, Keeper turns for a look-see, drawing Abby back.

Later in the day, back home, Abby patrols her fenceline in some nicely warm weather. The cold snap which broke yesterday, after starting sub-zero on Dec. 19, was apparently the longest since 1996, before Abby was born.

And later, later, in the warmth of a waning afternoon, Abby and Keeper sleep of the remnants of the day.

Below, the previous weekend, a blustery end to a walk along Stoney Trail, near Nakiska in K-Country.

Below, the weekend, weekend before, before that . . . . some ridge walking in our favourite, deserted place, Abby leading, Keeper picking up the trail.

Below, climbing, climbing . . . . . Abby and I walked up the opposite mountain last Fall.

Below, Keeper tilts her head to listen at a strange sound . . . . . . lots of ridge walking far off into the distance.

Below, Abby ignores the prairie in the distance . . . .

Below, Christmas Day, walking a road closed for the winter west of Turner Valley.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season.

Rick C
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