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Hi and welcome to the forum!
I have no experience with either amputations nor post-amp phamtom pain...

However, I did find a recent (2008) paper detailing the case of a rabbit that was treated at Cornell for phantom this paper there is a reference to a very interesting case of a cat that was successfully treated for phamtom pain a month after the amputation. You'll find it here

The paper itself provides an excellent description of the cause of "phantom" pain in the first three pages...then, on p7, read onwards from "Outcome". The author is providing a case history of proper pain management using a multi-modal approach. If you continue reading through, on page 10 is the reference to the case of the cat:
In a case study reported by the Australian Veterinary Journal, a 2-year-old male cat presented for neuropathic pain one month after an amputation procedure and possible sciatic nerve entrapment. The cat was hospitalized and treated with an intravenous administration of ketamine, lignocaine and morphine for 36 hours. The cat was discharged with buprenorphine to be given transmucosally for 2 days as well as amitriptyline to be administered for 21 days, and all signs of pain resolved.
This is the reference info for the case of the cat: O’Hagan, BJ. Neuropathic pain in a cat post-amputation. Aus Vet Journal 2006;84(3):83-86.

What I find fascinating is that (from my understanding) the cat's treatment was simply the use of the same full regimen of pain control as would be appropriate for a surgical amputation - one month after the actual surgical procedure!

If I were in your position, I would certainly want to read the Australian paper,..I would ensure that my Vet read it as well...I might even get a second opinion (is there a Vet college with a specialist nearby?) I guess I'm wondering whether the use of Gabapentin by itself at this point (11 months after surgery?) will be effective...or, whether perhaps, like the Australian cat, your kitty should receive a full surgical pain control regimen (which did not include Gabapentin)...???

I really hope you keep us posted and especially post the outcome of all this...too many times I've seen interesting cases like this just disappear leaving us all to wonder....and, leaving no guidance for similar future cases.
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