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I feel like an idjit! Last night at 3.30 am I was wakened up by the loud sounds of scratching. I got up to investigate and there two of my cats were scratching crazily at the emerycat like they were trying to get at all the catnip I had thrown on it. I added some last night before bed, so that may be the trick to add catnip daily.

My son is often up that late and I asked him if he had ever heard them using it and he said he had, every night in the middle of the night.
Why I woke up last night I haven't a clue, but it looks to me like they are using it, but only when the house is dark and they have crazy time. HURRAY!!! they are going to have shorter nails

So my post above is totally wrong, I will definitely update everyone again in a week or to let you know if they are still using it and if it works.

for the misleading post
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