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Originally Posted by Luvmypitgirls View Post
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I wasn't too sure about this one, I keep feeling like I should be filling up the paper, but when I tried it just didn't look right.

I bought a paper punch yesterday, I wasted a few sheets of paper trying to get it right, my kids were laughing at me, cuz I was punching away like a madwoman
Somewhat got the hang of it, enough to add that little brownish trim under the red and blue.

I can't wait for my printer to get here...I think I'm starting to really enjoy the scrapbooking hobby, I was doing layout ideas in my head until about three this morning for my "kitty pages".
Yeah, sometimes though, less is best.

I've been trying to get working on mine again, but it's hard with 5 curious kitties, and the fact I don't have a table to lay all my stuff out on doesn't help.
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