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well, I would like to have good news but.....We have locked both cats out at night. Midnight only pees on the bed once and only at night so both cats are on the bed during the day, no problem. Things have been good and then this am, I got up to help my youngest get dressed, went back to bed guessed it.....hubby was outraged and said that he wants the cat gone. I had a cat before I met him that I owned for 13 years and when he and I started dating, this cat was peeing in the dryer on clean clothes etc,.....we lived with it for years until he became ill and had to be euthenzed. Hubby stated he WILL NOT live with another cat with this behavior and he will not clean up after him for the next 14 years...I am very sad and unsure what else to do at this moment. It is not feasable to consider that I will be able to keep him out of our room all the time and the odor is becoming a problem. He also started to pee on the bean bags we have for the kids....we threw them out. I guess we are done.
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