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Originally Posted by growler View Post
All three are adorable So are they staying furever now?
Originally Posted by TeriM View Post
Your kitty "visitors" are all beautiful .
Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
LOL, I believe you now have three new additions at your house .....Congratulations !!!

Punky, Tweeky and Sassy are all very cute.
Well, at the moment I consider myself to be a foster kitty mom.

First Punky, then Tweaky (gee, I didn't even spell her name right), kind of decided for themselves this summer that they would prefer to spend their time in my yard even though they had a home three houses down. They have been indoor/outdoor cats (mostly outdoors) all their lives. Now, in early December, their family has broken up and I have been officially asked by the sons (one age 22 and the other in his late teens) if I could continue to take care of the kitties "for now." The parents don't seem to care about them at all, but the boys do. It is a bit of complicated situation. I think they would be better off staying with me and I think the boys will want to do what is best for them. All three kitties are quite settled in and happy with the current situation and I must admit I already am having a hard time imagining my life without them. So we'll see.
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