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A kitty invasion. BUT, BUT, BUT I HAS NO KITTEHS!

I have no kitties, so who are these critters in my house and how on earth did they get here? Scratches head

The white boy with the eyebrows in the first pic calls himself Punky and claims to be 12 or 13 years old.
He is not quite sure (as we get older we tend to lose track of things like age).
He was the first of the invaders. Started hanging around my back yard more and more since early August, though he knew darn well where his home
was. He thanked me very politely for the lovely R20 shelter I had built for him on my back deck but stated that he much preferred the interior of my house.
He has been hanging his hat in here since mid October.
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The coy little gal in the second pic is his former housemate (sister), Tweaky (about 6 years old).
She decided her big brother had a pretty sweet deal going, so, not to be outdone, when the weather started getting colder in November
she decided to move herself in, too.
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In the last pic, we have Sassy ( 5 and a half years old). Her mommy smuggled her into low rental housing at the end of November. Sassy,
being the sassy girl that she is, let the cat out of bag when she decided to play footsies under the door with the neighbour's little girl.
Sassy has been cooling her heels at my house since the week before Christmas.
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So there you have it. An update on my petless household.
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Kitties: Punky (17), and Sassy (13), Twinky (10),

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