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I promised that I would post an update on this product and after a week of being in the house, it looks the same as it did the day I unpacked it. One of the reasons is I don't think the 4 of them have touched it since the first day. However, it may be as durable as they advertise, no way to tell.
They each used it once the first day I set it up and as far as I know despite the addition of more catnip, the only thing they have done is sit on the board and play with the toy feather on a post that is in one of the holes on the board. The toy ends up on the floor somewhere after they have played with it and dragged it around the house then I put it back in one of the holes. I checked all of their nails and there has been no damage to them, so I think they just don't like the feel of it on their nails.

I put the second board away because I didn't think it worthwhile to have them both out when they weren't even using one. Fortunately, I did not receive the second set that I ordered, but it hasn't shown up on my credit card either, so that is a good thing.

So IMHO at the end of a week, the emerycat board is a total waste of money and something definitely not worth what I paid for it. Others may have different experiences with the board, but I wouldn't buy it again.

I should have googled it before purchasing but I believed the advertising and with the trouble I have cutting their nails, I thought it might be a really good thing.

I will post back in a week or two if by any chance they start to use it

The part above in quotes is wrong, I found them using it and posted the correct info below
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