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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Holy moly, have you got snow!!!! Did the wind pile up the drifts like that? They look like sculptures!
Yep, the wind does that. It's weird along that side of the yard because that's where we have the privacy slats through the fencing. But up along the fence on on both our side and the neighbor's side, is no snow at all . They too have gorgeous drifts, even higher than ours. But the snow doesn't touch the fence .

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I see some doggie prints between the drifts in one of the pics. Does Nukka try to go 'cross country'? Does she get mired down in the deep snow?
Nukka tries to climb all the mounds of snow and races around them . I kept trying to get better pics of her but only managed to get really blurry ones or ones of her hind end as she whizzed by .

Frenchy, you don't have to shovel my snow .

Jennie, I can so see Sparky having a blast making tunnels . We're going to need more pics of him .
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