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Originally Posted by LuckyRescue
I would stop the Milkbones. Those things are deadly!
OMG! Why are the milkbones bad? I have a special reason for asking. We have a boarder that is also a friend and part of the family. He went with me when we picked up Molly to bring her to her forever home. When he comes up for breakfast he always brings her 4 small (they are about an inch long) doggie treats (milkbone type). He bought them himself and it is part of their interaction time. She is always patient about waiting as he only gives them to her after he has finished his breakfast and she has finished hers. The gentleman is 63 and I think it would be quite upsetting to both of them if I told him that he could no longer do this. She only gets the 4 in the morning. She is a chocolate lab and weighs about 50-60 pounds.
Her health is very good but I am very concerned now.
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