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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Hmmmm, I wonder how many of the animals who are not "healthy enough to adopt out" are sick due to stress of shelter life, wonder if they would do much better being adopted out into a home? Wonder if the OSPCA is actually doing these animals a favour by not allowing them to be adopted out? I know with my fosters who have been sick when I have brought them home and recovered very quickly once they were in a home environment.

Not sure what euthanization rate the TAS has, but I thought it was high? Perhaps somebody will be able to post that info. Sooooooo, if animals have to be brought there, wonder how many are being euthanized?

And lastly, wonder how many people have opted to adopt from pet stores or BYB due to this mess?

Just some of my thoughts on this mess between the THS and OSPCA and wonder how many pets will loose their life with OSPCA taking over. Not that I am defending the THS as I don't have any direct knowledge of their administration, but as an outsider reading the media coverage, I just wonder if the animals won't somehow suffer from this public mess.
It's said over 800+ animals CANNOT be adopted due to behavioural or health issues :sad: IMO nothing to do with "the mess" ... assuming you mean since the raid Nov 26. If people opt to buy from pet stores or byb's or animals have to be euthanized due to illness the OSPCA shouldn't be blamed, their trying to undo the mess not create one

It's said the THS is now working with rescues which Trow considered "a signal of failure"

Yahoo the 1st pet adopted since the raid is Dixie a GSD x Lab
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