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Thanks everyone!! I'm having internet issues at home, so I wasn't able to check this until today.

Loca is doing great. She came home on the weekend and is back to her old self after only one day of laying low and resting. She has become incredibly social over the past few weeks that she's been with us, which is quite the change from when we first brought her home. This kitten is literally ruling our home and everyone in it!

It's weird the rescue didn't have her to a vet to find out how old she may be before placing her in a foster situation.
Yeah, normally I don't think this happens, although this is only our second foster so I'm not sure? I know our coordinator told us that this time of year there are just so many cats and dogs that need to find homes that first priority for vet visits have been going to animals that people are adopting. (Unless there is an obvious health issue). When we brought Loca home we were instructed to keep her quarantined until her vet visit, which we did. It didn't take that long for them to get her in, but I have a feeling she would've probably easily have waited another week had she not have had immediate serious medical concerns that needed looking after.

Pictures to follow as soon as I get internet back up and running at home!
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