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Originally Posted by growler View Post
Wow that boy has got power in those jaws. It's a good thing he's a sled dog & not in the herding showring as nipping is usually a disqualification there. Sounds like he settles quickly though whether sledding or just out playing
That's the funny thing though, he's not like that with sheep or other livestock, including the smaller animals like chickens and ducks. When we're out doing chores he likes to run laps around the horses in the field. He stays out wide away from them and just circles, circles, circles...every now and then he'll cut through the middle of them and change direction. He'll do laps around the other dogs and me too.

He's been lightly started on sheep and I'd like to do more training with him, but I doubt I'd trial him. Just too much else going on. I was supposed to be going to take Rain, Storm and Flurry back for more sheep work this fall, and Dru too to start him, but my friend and I couldn't seem to get our schedules worked out, or it was too wet and muddy some of the time to be safe for the dogs and sheep. Maybe in the springtime I'll be able to, although then she'll be into lambing and I'll be doing goose control. Or maybe early summertime, before it's too hot. No, wait...then I'm goosing then too. Maybe in the fall, when the goosework slows down, and in between starting up my fall training runs, if it's not too wet... Maybe I should just get my own sheep My daughter wants to join the 4-H sheep club anyhow and my friend said she'd donate her a lamb. Of course, we can't have just one lonely little lamb now can we?
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