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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
What a keep in the spirit of M names how about Mika?
Mika's a great name, unfortunately I already have a cat named Mika though! My other cat's names are Mika and Boji (short for Bojangles). Dogs are Kayla and Max (he came named).

No I'm not french, but we were calling her Minou because it's french for kitty and had nothing else to call her and we were in Montreal. It's cute but I think maybe something a bit more original would be nice, there must be about 50,000 cats named Minou in Montreal alone!

Khoya is kinda cute, I like that it has a meaning. Maybe I should be looking up words in other languages. Her eyelined eyes make her look maybe Hindu, or Egyptian. I've always liked African names too.

I just introduced her to my male cat Boji. Needless to say introductions went well. I used catnip as an icebreaker lol. Will be a couple weeks before I introduce her to my female though, since she's a little less forgiving. Right now I'm just working on getting her used to her smell.
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