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Originally Posted by angeldogs View Post
The scenery looks gorgeous in your pics.must be amzing to see in person well riding by on a sled.
It is really nice up around this area. I love the scenery too after a snowfall when the trees are all covered with it.

Originally Posted by growler View Post
Gorgeous scenery & dogs too of course

How did Dru do partnered with Flurry? He looks tiny compared to Flurry in the 1st pic but we all know it's mostly Flurrys' size
Dru is amazing, he is turning into a really good sled dog. Loves to pull, very eager and he doesn't slack on the hills. He's a little bit bigger than Rain is but nowhere near Flurry's size. It's even funnier looking if I put Rain beside Flurry. Flurry is so atypical of a Border Collie, even his running style. They usually run lower to the ground. That's part of the reason why their size looks so different in that first picture. Dru is running low and leaning into the harness while Flurry tends to run more upright but is still very powerful.

Flurry and Dru are going to be my daughter's race team for this year for the 2-mile classes she enters. They're used to running beside each other already as I usually put them together in the middle of the team when I run 6. They run well beside each other but tend to scrap sometimes when they're first being hooked up, but that's just Flurry's overexcitement that gets them going and then Dru starts up too. Dru is a screamer - another dog can be making faces at him or take a snap without making contact but he'll start up this godawful wailing like he's being killed, at the same time as he's fighting back. These two are actually great buddies, they play together all the time and sleep together on the couch or the bed but when there's anything exciting happening look out! Flurry's always ready to nip at the closest dog and I have to watch he doesn't chew apart the gangline before the sled gets moving. He once chomped a brand new section of gangline apart in one or two bites. If he gets too hard on the lines I may have to switch from poly lines to cable so he can't bite through them. Flurry's a funny dog, when I'm letting them out to the backyard he fixates on Rain and wants to bite her on her way past him. Lots of times though he'll pick up a toy or a bone and hold it in his mouth and that stops him from nipping. It's like when the adrenaline is flowing all he can think about is grabbing something or one of the other dogs. The rest of the time he's mellow and playful.
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