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Originally Posted by Melei'sMom View Post
My name is Teresa. We live in Alberta with 1 Shih-tzu cross(Melei), a golden gecko(Apollo), Syrian Hamster (Deliah), 2 Bettas(Percy & Ming-Yu), and a guppy tank with a pleco(Eureka).

I am allergic to the hamster, but my daughter keeps her in the bedroom and superclean so it doesn't bother me too much, and I am supposedly allergic to cats and dogs, but only cats bug my eyes, no dog ever has.
Guess I should update this! lol

We still have Melei the shihtzuX and my name is still Teresa...but that is all that has not changed. we have 2 kitty sisters, Rayne and Kaeda but all the other pets are gone :,(. none of them had very long life spans. we now live in BC, so that has changed too.

my daughter wants a hamster again, so we maybe adding that to the list of pets in the spring...and I want a betta again, so stay tuned!

DH and I have also decided that if we have an opportunity to add another little dog to the fold, we will not say no, but we are not activly looking for her, the right one will come when it is meant to be.
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