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OLD and Dear Kitty Loosing Weight (getting real bony)

Hi I have a kitty, her name is Rockie. She is 16 years old and has a good life. She’s an indoor kitty. I take her to the vet every year for a check up and the vet said she’s doing good for her age. What I am concerned about is that she is loosing weight. In her hey day she was a big kitty and weighed about 14 lbs but throughout the last few years she’s getting smaller and real bony. I know she’s old and tired but I still see the glow in her eyes like when she was young, she’s just so small now. She eats and I feed her IAMS Orange bag, Proactive health Hair ball food during the day and she eats ½ can of Fancy Feast at night. I guess my question is .. is there a better food I should be feeding her, one made especially for old kitties? I Love her and I just slowly see her getting smaller and smaller.
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