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Was it worth it?

Camping in the truck with the dogs at -22C?

You bet it was! Every year not too far away from me there is an opportunity for mushers to go stay at a hunt camp and do some training on the nearby trails. This is the first time I've gone. Of course, pretty much everyone else has northern breed dogs that live outside, so they stay in their dogboxes while the mushers stay in the camp, complete with bunkbeds, woodstoves (2) and even a sauna. My spoiled guys however are more what you'd call "sled pets" and are used to not only living in the house, but sleeping on the furniture and bed with me too. Wasn't sure how the whole camping in the truck in the middle of winter thing was going to go, but I decided to try. I figured that if I stayed with them in the truck not only would I be adding one more body for heat, but also I could monitor how cold it was and if necessary start the truck every now and then and warm it up. I wasn't accounting for the fact that once in my sleeping bag and pinned down by several dogs I could not move to start the truck or risk loosing my spot (and the sleeping bag!) Of course the night I spent there turned out to be the coldest one of the week, isn't that just Murphy's Law? It wasn't supposed to be that cold that night, but the cold weather moved in a day earlier than was predicted. Anyways, we all survived and here are some pictures from on the trails we were running.
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