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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post

Did Nelly ever warm up to the idea of holiday scarves? Grace was a little shy at first, too...but when she saw how much the others were enjoying theirs, she rethought the whole deal and decided bandannas were pretty cool after all
I'm sure she would get used to it but , I took it off because her and Sienna have been playing a lot inside (bad weather outside) and I'm afraid Sienna's teeth will get caught in the scarf

Originally Posted by luckypenny View Post
They are all absolutely beautiful . I still insist that Churchill is simply an overgrown white Golden though .
very overgrown golden yes he does remind me a lot of Sam
Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
Aww, poor Bailey.
Bailey has ups and downs , it's the rollercoaster stage , when one day you think the end is near :sad: then the next day he's better. He's still having more good days then bad , he's now on Metacam , doesn't look like it's helping much but I'm sure he would be worse if without.
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