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You guys are right , Churchill is very easely huggable and squishable and he loves it !

Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
One question, do you resist that look Churchill is giving you in the first pic? That would just melt hazel's heart...we'd be outside, freezing our butt off, all day!
when I'm outside playing with him , I have to be careful that he doesn't knock me over and he never plays for too long , mostly walks with me

Originally Posted by Bearsmom View Post
Oh. My. God. I LOVE Churchill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I knew you would

Originally Posted by growler View Post
Great pics Frenchy So who has the tough task of finishing Churchills' meals for him?

nobody , he eats in the sun room behind close doors. I'm the one who picks up after him once he's done

That is a great 3rd shot of Coco shows off her purrty eyes
Coco is such a cool kitty , a little on the bitc** side with humans and other cats (she loves the dogs !!) but sometimes I will kiss her head and her face and never will she scratch or growl , it's more like : let's get this thing over with

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