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Thankyou 14 and Hazel.

The vet didn't even think twice about spaying her considering her situation, but it was a first time for me being in this situation. I've never in my life had to abort any kittens or puppies and it has been quite upsetting; even though I know without a doubt it was the best choice.

The vet said he could feel approximatley four fetus, however he doubted that they would all be born alive and couldn't even be positive that Loca would be able to nourish them all - she's so little - even IF she made it through the birth.

Certainly difficult, but glad it is over. We get to pick her up tomorrow morning and I cannot wait to have her home.

Now when is she becoming a FF?

I may or may not have already started the process of adopting her. Much to DH's dismay.

Pictures soon, once we get her home.
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