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Today so far they are ignoring the "Emerycat" board but the toy feathery thing on a stick seems to be a hit. I keep putting it back in the hole and they keep taking it out to play with it. I think I may have to add some more catnip to get them using it.

I have two "Bergen Turbo Scratchers" from Petsmart that I bought a year or two ago. The cardboard inserts each last less than a week with my cats and at $7.99 for two of them, are too expensive for me to replace them very often.

The fact they love the "Turbo Scratcher" was the reason I thought the Emerycat board might work. I find I have to wrap them in a towel and wrestle with them to get their nails clipped, so if this works, it will be great.

I forgot to mention that I ordered two sets of Emerycat boards, so I will receive 4 boards when they all arrive (one is a gift). During the ordering process I was asked if I wanted Emerycat boards with a 5 year warranty for $39.95 instead of $29.95. I agreed to the warranty for one set of Emerycat boards, but not the other. The two that arrived yesterday has the 5 year warranty on them but I am still waiting for the set without the warranty. The boards I received yesterday are very sturdy and hold my 25 lb cat without showing any signs of weakness. I will post about the second set when it arrives, it may be the same board, or one that is much flimsier.

Time wiil tell if it was a good buy or not
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