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Jan. 2010 photo challenge - New years PET resolutions

Anyone got ideas for a challenge this month...

what about tired or sleepyface?

or snow pets....*groaning while I look outside*

How about a Hawaiian based theme? You know, warmth, no snow, beaches, umbrellas, sunglasses, etc. 'Course we can't use real sand in the house but maybe a sand coloured blankie? I am just tired of the cold. Brrrrrr

Or something like pets keeping humans warm! (It was the only way I survived last night! Definitely a 3-dogger ) And yes, cats in laps would count!

Tired/sleepy faces could be combined with keeping humans warm ....we all love our pet cuddles.

Still looking for some more ideas members!

In general, wider categories where everyone can easily play get WAY more submissions.

Maybe like New Years resolution? Like, "I promise to keep laying on the couch."

pet resolutions eh? I like that one...has lotsa possibilities!

anyone else - I'll choose the topic based on majority support within 24 hours.



Originally Posted by ancientgirl View Post
Maybe like New Years resolution? Like, "I promise to keep laying on the couch."
I like that one too !

Yep, since resolutions are usually broken, it definitely has lots of possibilities.

Since Pet resolutions has the most support, that's the challenge this month - Ok then, who posts firrrrrrrst?
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