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Smile Greetings, Introduction.. and a Question

Hello to everyone!

I have just started some online research on dogs and found this site. It looks to be a great place, lots of helpful info and sharing with fellow petlovers.
To give a bit of background, I live with my husband just outside Vancouver, B.C, Canada's Wet West Coast. (rare snow right now
With busy careers, children grown and gone, we went for over a decade with no pets in the household.
Since retiring from the work force five years ago, I have now fillled our empty nest with two cats and a dog. They're our "new" kids..what happiness they have brought to us -. I couldnt imagine a petless household now.
Cats are both Persians, a silver and a himalyan, both five years of age. I purchased these as kittens seperately.
Dog is a Toy Poodle, a five pound sweetheart that I rescued four years ago. He is now eight, my constant pal and daily walking companion.

My question:
My daughter-in-law has asked me for advice on canines.. but I am far from any expert.. so I told her I would do some online research for her..
She and my son are considering a puppy for their daughter's birthday in March. She has long been wanting one .. but they wanted to wait until she was a bit older( turning nine) and until the parents had the time to devote to the all important first year of puppy training.

They have never had a dog, and are looking for a small breed ( under 25 pounds) a light or non-shedder, with moderate or light grooming requirements. A dog that would be a good fit with a busy, young and active family.
They have a large house, a small but fenced backyard, and one cat. Their older girl is a teenager, no really young children in the house, but the younger girl is a highly energetic and very active child.

I thought of a King Charles Spaniel, but it seems they have heavy groomng requirements and perhaps as a toy breed.. might be too delicate....

They are now thinking of a Daschund puppy. I dont know anything about them. This seems like it might be a good fit.. but I wondered if anyone here could give me more info on these dogs? I have never actually known a person who owned one - firsthand info is always the best. There appears to be two different sizes, and two diferent coats.. but I imagine the tempements and traits are the same?

I thought perhaps a young adultr dog, a rescue might be a better way to go, but they feel child and puppy is ideal. The choice is theirs, of course.
I have to admit - I have never had a puppy, only adult dogs, so perhaps am not the best one to advise.
Whatever dog they do choose, finding a good breeder is of the utmost importance. What is the best way to go about this?

Well, its nice to be here.. and am just going to browse around the site a bit.
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