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Pregnant Kitten?

I know that the best way to really rule this out is going to be taking our newest foster addition, Loca (little white & tabby female with no tail) to a vet; which we are doing this week - she has an appointment Thursday.

We started having suspicions on Friday that she might be pregnant - previous to Friday, she was eating her food much faster than normal, going through it very quickly and seeming hungry even still...looking for food, going to our fridge, meowing at us when we were eating.

The rescue adoption coordinator came over on the weekend to say hi and check up on the kitten and another dog we have here as a foster, and we brought up our concerns. She took a look at the kitten and sure enough, thought she might be pregnant as well; however she is not experienced in this and so made a vet appointment with the clinic.

Since then, we've been really watching her stomach and it seems very round and firm. I can't feel any movement, but it is definitely much different than when she first came to us.

Loca has been dewormed and the adoption coordinator didn't think it was bloat.

This kitten is literally just over four months, and I was appalled to find out that they can STILL get pregnant that young. :sad:

If she is pregnant, we will obviously go through all the options with the vet....weigh pros and cons of everything. Loca's safety and wellbeing are at the top of the list right now.

I guess I'm just really shocked and confused...has anyone delt with a pregnancy this young before? Anything we should look for?
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