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Jimmy does have dry food available (Wellness Puppy) but he picks at it. If I could leave it down for him 24/7, I wouldn't worry, but we also have Shelby (Yellow Lab) and she devours Jimmy's puppy food at every opportunity. So, I can only leave it down when Shelby is outside or in another room.

If I feed Jimmy the canned food, he eats it at once. That way, I know he has eaten a good breakfast and dinner. He still picks at his kibble.

Both Shelby and Jimmy also get soup marrow bones once a week.

Lucky, FYI, at a price of $2.59 per can, it would cost $19.00/day for you to feed your 75 lb baby canned Wellness !!

Karin....yes, we definitely do spoil Jimmy (and Shelby too). The canned food is not a matter of giving in to his every whim, just wanting to make sure he has a full belly!!
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