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Even in the short time you've had Drusilla she has bonded to you and not to the other cats. When you or roomate pet Serpio it seems she's very jealous of him and doesn't like to see him getting any attention. That's why she runs over and wants it all, but is doing it in a dominating manner by "getting up on his face and stares him down". You say Scipio "does not like" it. But what does he do? Does he hiss and swat her? stay put and stares back and not back down? just sits there? or is he giving in (submitting) to her by hissng and then going away to be somewhere else? as if to say 'whatever, I'm outta here'. It's up to you to decide whether to let them sort it out themselves as L4H has suggested. To me for her age, she sounds very dominant and especially to your boy for some reason. Unless he's happy or resigned to take 'second fiddle' in the household or doesn't seem to care is something only you can decide. You should watch him closely for any changes in personality or otherwise. A change in hierarchy can result in [U]other unwanted changes[U] especially in males, like inappropriate peeing elsewhere in the house to assert his dominance or show his displeasure. I would watch their interactions carefullyto see how Scipio's and Drusilla's relationship is developing.
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