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Thanks for the pics, your kitties are beautful.

I think you should allow your cats to determine their hierarchy, unless there is some serious beating is being done, otherwise you are going to be supervising them for the rest of your life, driving yourself crazy, and never enjoying your cats. You can't reason with cats, they are not human. They are trainable to a point, but not like dogs.

I have 2 dominant females, one is actually aggressive (Sweet Pea) the other just wants to be left alone and wants a 10 foot shield around her (Puddles). Puddles won't fight back, so these two are kept separate unless supervised. I have brought in litters of foster kittens and two additional adults and have allowed them "sort" things out. This has allowed my foster kittens to be so well socialized (because cats can do this so much better than humans) before adoption (none turned out aggressive). My male, Jasper and my semi feral, Rose are both easy going and allow Sweet Pea and Puddles to rule and that is OK with them and OK with me, it keeps them getting along.

Now to your boy, Scipio, if he didn't like what Drusilla was doing, he would let her know and let her know very strongly. Cats don't put up with other cats doing things they don't like, especially from a kitten. I think if you are interfering or perhaps interpreting the interactions incorrectly, you could drive yourself crazy and confuse the cats. Your boy will let the kitten know what she can do to him and what she can't.

When you are patting Scipio, I think Drusilla sees him being relaxed and happy and she is hoping for some play with him. He probably doesn't want to bother with her at that moment and he should let her know.

Out of all my litters of kittens, I have never seen a mad one, only scared . If none of the other kittens want to play with her because she is too dominant, then they will try to ignore her. I have seen this done with some of my litters, when the kitten then starts to play nicely, they will include that kitten back in play.
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