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First of all abolutely adorable and beautiful kittens! Yes, hard not to spoil them for sure.

Sounds like Druscilla is a very dominant little girl for her age. Your other cats are still trying to figure her out and adjust to her. It may be funny now, but I wouldn't let her get away with "getting up on his face and stare him down". You're going to have to watch her. I think that will lead to some problems later on as she gets bigger and stronger. I think you have to realize she has a strong "alpha" personality and she will continue to push his buttons, and likely the other cats as well, and try to topple "Scipio the king". When she gets in his face, intervene, tell her "NO" and lift her away from him and put her beside you and distract her with a toy or petting or a small treat, and at the same time you could also pet your alpha boy, as if to say "it's OK". You want Druscilla to know it's not OK behaviour to do that to Scipio, that you won't tolerate it and that you're more fun than he is. With Druscilla, you've got to be the alpha in the house. Just my
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